Upcoming MatchEuropa FC vs FC Bruno’s Magpies/September 30, 2022/Victoria Stadium

Many would think that beating teams is all about the players and their confidence. But our manager Johnny Parrado today revealed how he orchestrates the downfall of his rivals.

“Playing St Joseph’s was more complicated than the score suggests,” said Johnny. “But we had studied the way they play quite extensively and we understood how to do them most damage on the field of play.”

This was reiterated by Europa team captain Javi Muñoz. “The match against St Joseph’s was very difficult as we were up against tough opposition,” said our experienced goalkeeper. “I am just glad we managed to clinch three very important points.”

Now the next challenge in our lead-up to the end of the season is Wednesday night’s 8.30pm clash against Lynx, a club we have beaten twice this season. It’s importance is ever more relevant after Gibraltar United beat Lincoln Red Imps 3-1 which would help cut the cushion the league leaders have over us

“This Wednesday we have our next game against a very disciplined rival so we need to give the best of ourselves,” said Muñoz. “With all our humility and desire to win we know we can put ourselves within five points from the league leaders Lincoln Red Imps with a victory against Lynx.

“We just need to keep fighting to see what will happen. All we can do is continue winning matches and just do as our motto says: ‘Believe!’

Parrado was far more stoic about the Lynx game. He said: “The next match against Lynx is the next step in reaching our objectives. We look at each match as if this was the last one and this works well to motivate the players who have been at it for many months. We just need to have the right level of pressure so we can take that winning mentality into that game knowing we cannot fail.”

The match against Lynx FC kicks off tonight at 8:30pm on the Victoria Stadium main pitch and all are welcome to attend.

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